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4 Gardening Mistakes Beginners Must Avoid

If you’re a new gardener inĀ Canada, here are some common gardening mistakes that beginners should avoid. Many beginners make the same mistakes repeatedly, so you should avoid them as much as possible. These mistakes include overcrowding, overcrowding, planting too close together, and planting in containers. Read on for the solutions to these common mistakes. Hopefully, you’ll learn from other gardeners’ mistakes and avoid making them yourself.


Overwatering your plants is a common mistake for new gardeners. You may think that you can keep them alive by giving them too much water, but this is not true. Overwatering plants drown them. Rather than adding more moisture to the soil, you should keep the soil moist but not wet. This will prevent mold and other harmful bacteria from growing. And while some plants can survive the trampled neglect and lack of sunlight, most won’t.


Planting too many plants too close together is an easy mistake to make, but overcrowding can cause various problems. For example, crops that are too close together are more likely to suffer from disease and be difficult to harvest. You should carefully follow the recommended spacing for each crop, which can be found on seed packets or plant markers. Vertically growing plants is an easy way to fit more vegetables in your space.

Plant spacing too closely

One of the most common mistakes that new gardeners make is planting too closely together. This creates competition for nutrients and light and can result in uneven growth. To avoid this problem, follow the plant spacing instructions on seed packets. Moreover, plants that are too close to each other may have problems with pests, disease, and uneven growth. After one year, you may need to remove some plants if they are already overgrown.

Overwatering in containers

Overwatering in containers can ruin your plants’ health, so water sparingly. Overwatering will fill the pore space of the soil, suffocating the roots. You also need to avoid putting saucers under your plants. If you do, you will be supplying a free haven for mosquitoes. It is also possible to soak your plants in a saucer. These are common mistakes that every beginner Gardner should avoid.